How To Take Advantage Of Facebook And Instagram For Your Business

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How To Take Advantage Of Facebook And Instagram For Your Business

Social media platforms have been the main source of engaging and attracting potential customers to brands, especially for small businesses and startups. Now, there is no denying in saying that the biggest sharks in the field, are Facebook and Instagram.

With more than 2.5 billion users actively connecting with businesses on a daily basis, Facebook and Instagram are now considered to be the top social media networks that facilitate serving all business purposes in terms of marketing, advertising, and exposure.

In this article, we will cover all that you need to know, as a business owner, on how exactly you can leverage Facebook and Instagram for your business.

1- Interacting with customers
Whether retaining existing customers or targeting potential ones, social media is the best channel to do so. Think of it as a storefront for your products and offers, displayed through attractive photo and video contents showcasing what your business is all about.

2- Targeting the intended audience
Since you’re paying money, you don’t want to waste any of it on non-relevant prospects. This is why Facebook and Instagram provide you with all the necessary tools and tips to properly target a specific audience that is looking for what you have to offer. From geographical locations to age, gender, languages and interest you will be in total control of who you want to attract to your business.

3- Offering customer service
Customers are the true foundation of any business. And, research has shown that nearly 70% of customers would approach a new business, based on its customer service reputation. Hence, It is highly crucial for businesses to show the customer that they are highly active online.Facebook and Instagram marketing plays a huge role when it comes to customer service. This is essentially how businesses start shooting for building a reputable brand by actively answering customers questions and regularly posting new content.

4- The power of convincing
There is no denying the influence of social media has got on affecting our shopping behavior nowadays. Before approaching a new business, customers go through a pattern of checking that business’s pages on social media, as well as customer reviews.

5- Value for money
Since Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, they use the same ecosystem in their marketing campaigns. Offering a wide variety of placement options and techniques that are fully customizable based on your budget. Allowing businesses to take advantage of all opportunities available with the same amount of money spent on the campaign.

6- Who should manage your marketing campaigns
Many companies core mission statement, is managing social media marketing campaigns. As an entry level, it won’t be a complicated job setting up and maintaining marketing campaigns by yourself and even responding to customers. But, the more customers your business gets, the more you would want to hire employees to handle the task. And also, in many cases, it is highly advised to hire professionals to handle your business marketing, as they would be more aware of the tools and insights your business need to attract customers specifically for you. At IT Gate, we many hundreds of campaigns for our clients on a daily basis, driving them traffic, conversions and results.

7- Certified partners
How do you pick partners for your marketing campaigns? The best way is to ask the business if they are certified with Facebook, it simply means they have certifications by Facebook.

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