Best Social Media Platforms for Dentist

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Best Social Media Platforms for Dentist

Social media marketing strategy is playing a huge role in the success of many businesses in this modern age. Just like other ventures, a dental brand can also benefit from social media platforms. And it’s likely that most of your patients are using one or more of these social networks daily.

Why Use Best Social Media Platforms in Dental Practices?

Social media platforms can benefit your dental practice in many ways including building better relationships with your patients. You can also post patient testimonials, friendly office images, and patient experiences in your clinic. This’ll grow your business reputation.
These social networks can also attract new and potential patients and provide proofs that the patients can trust your services. Thus, the platforms can help you build a business that’s credible, appealing and trustworthy to patients.
Several social media platforms are available for dentists. And when choosing the right network, it’s essential to consider factors such as the target audience and your dentistry business goals. Some of the best social networks include:


Facebook attracts over 1.7 billion users every day. This makes it one of the most effective platforms for your dental marketing strategy. It’s free to create an account and a business page, and it can help you create Facebook Ads and reaching out to more patients. Once you start getting yourself familiar with Facebook, you will use a combination of organic and paid content strategy that will help you grow and reach more.

Benefits of Using Facebook in Your Dentist Business

• The Facebook network can help you share informative and appealing content with your audience. It can also help you gather customer’s feedback from your existing patients.
• The platform is suited for building long-term patients’ relationships.
• You can also share photos of your satisfied clients, treatment results, your office, and staff on Facebook.
• It provides an excellent way to share dental tips, updates, as well as answering your patients’ questions.
• You can also post Facebook Live treatment sessions.
• The platform allows you to link articles and blog posts relevant to your work.
• You can also run contests and offers on the Facebook platform.


This social platform has over 800 million active users and is claimed to have the highest engagement rate above other social media networks. It’s excellent in reaching out to clients who appreciate high-quality treatment session picture and videos.

Benefits of Using Instagram

• It offers you a great way to share behind the scenes images.
• Promoting dental treatment events.
• Posting pictures of your satisfied clients during and after the treatment. But you need their permission to share these images.
• Running offer competitions
• You can also use branded hashtags. Unlike other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram allows you to share up to 30 hashtags as long as they’re relevant.


YouTube is becoming the second famous search engines after Google. Many YouTube users are viewing billion of hour videos every day. This makes it an excellent platform for engaging and reaching target clients in your dentistry business.

Best Feature of YouTube for Your Dental Business

• The channel allows you access to unlimited video hosting. You can also integrate YouTube videos into your other social media networks and your website.
• It can boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you get seen when people search.
• You can also use YouTube to post dental tips, office tours, patients testimonials, and treatment demonstrations.

Although any dental practice might need three social media channels in its marketing strategy, it may not be possible for every dentist. It’ll depend on your needs and business goals.
Most experts recommend Google, Instagram and Facebook to attract more patients and for building your dental brand. However, it’s essential to focus on a single platform first and then span out to the others.

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