5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Ads

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Ads

You cannot mention online marketing without thinking of Google. Throughout the years, Google has played a vital role in changing the online marketing game, and somehow, making it an exclusive service. Today, Google is the pioneer leader, making over $116.3 billion in revenue, just from its advertising program known as Google Adwords or now Google Ads.

Google Ads quickly gained popularity for so many different reasons. Given that it is simply a pay-per-click service which was a useful business model for many business owners to control what they spend, and experiment more than one advertising method or may be using different keywords to advertise your business. Also, it is a user-friendly service where business owners can modify targeted audiences per location for every chosen keyword that describes their business.

Simply, it is a service where customers can see your business ads when they search for your service in your local area.

But, why exactly should you use Google ads? other than it will eventually bring you more business and exposure. Here are the top 5 reasons why.

1- Easily Measured

Testing the waters and experimenting with certain keywords could be tricky because you would need to know what is bringing most of your traffic and what is not doing so well. With Google ads you can always get the precise measurement reports for your set of keywords, so you analyze and maybe change what’s not working.

2- Faster Results

Unlike Search Engine Optimization taking months building up before you get any results, once you launch the AdWords campaign, your ad will instantly appear online. So you would witness traffic coming to your website in a matter of minutes.

3- Engaging Ads

Google is always dynamic. Having said that, they are constantly finding a way to improve their service, especially if this service is bringing them a lot of revenue every year. So instead of letting people look for you, they now display your ads to be seen in platforms where people are most active, like YouTube.

4- Controlling Costs

This is a major selling point, and as we said before, this feature is what really made Google AdWords popularity skyrocket in no time. You get to manage your cost according to your needs and capabilities. As a business owner, you can totally control your budget based on the amount of exposure you’re looking for. The amount spent is a scale of how many leads am I getting and in how long.

5- Beating Competitors

This is a game of wanting to reach customers in your local area before your competitors do. Since you’ll be appearing in Google before them, customers who are looking for your product or service get to see your business first, it’s that simple. It is inevitable that your competitors would be using the same channels to reach the same customers in your local area, which means dividing the traffic between both businesses. This is where you can get creative and think one step ahead of your competitors in the word selection, It is just a trial and error process so what’s working for your competitor is not necessarily going to work for you and vice-versa.

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